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PlayStation Plus Free Games for June Revealed

PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to NBA 2K16 and Gone Home: Console Edition on PlayStation 4 in June.

Echochrome and Siren: Blood Curse (episodes 1-12) will be available for free on PlayStation 3, with God of War: Chains of Olympus and Little Deviants for PlayStation Vita.

Sony partnered with publisher 2K to bring NBA 2K16 to the June lineup in celebration of the NBA Finals, which begin this week. In IGN’s NBA 2K16 review, we praised the game for its “leap forward in defensive AI, online stability, and overall polish.”

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7 Science Fiction Creations About to Change the World

Science fiction books, TV shows, and movies have long challenged the boundaries of what’s possible through the power of discovery. Generations of inventors have grown up inspired by the prophetic vision of filmmakers and writers, and today laboratories across the globe are bringing devices once regarded as futuristic fiction into the world of reality.

Blaster bolts, laser beams, and phasers are a sci-fi staple as old as H.G. Wells. But now the US military freely admits they’ve developed energy weapons so practical they’ll soon be deployed on ships and aircraft, perhaps as soon as 2023.

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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 6 Release Date Announced

Telltale Games has announced a June 7 release date for Episode 6 of Minecraft: Story Mode – titled ‘A Portal to Mystery’ – and revealed that six real-life Minecraft celebrities will appear during the episodic adventure in newly blocky form.

Telltale announced three extra episodes after the seeming season finale back in March, of which Episode 6 is the first.

‘A Portal to Mystery’ will feature hero Jesse and his friends thrust into a mystery story in a zombie-infested world, finding themselves trapped in a mansion with six new-but-familiar characters.

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Just Cause 3 Mech Land Assault DLC Coming This Week

Just Cause 3’s Mech Land Assault DLC pack will be available on June 3 for expansion pass holders, publisher Square Enix announced today.

Mech Land Assault will become available for $12 on June 10 for those who haven’t purchased the expansion pass. The DLC, which is the second in Just Cause 3’s Air, Land and Sea pass, introduces players to Lacrima—a new island with an “abandoned eDen research base” and a prison camp “run by the mysterious Black Hand.”

Rico Rodriguez will gain access to two new, powerful Mechs and a “new energy weapon” called the Bavarium Power Core rifle.

“The new Mechs allow Rico to throw enemies, vehicles, and chaos objects around like tennis balls—increasing the scope for physics-based fun,” Tobias Andersson, senior producer at Avalanche Studios said. “Whether you’re juggling a small car or punching helicopters out of the sky, the Mechs give you the opportunity to mess with your surroundings in creative, explosive ways.”

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